Our Partners

Avanos Medical

Avanos is a medical device company focused on delivering clinically superior breakthrough solutions that will help patients get back to the things that matter.
We believe a difference in our products, combined with a difference in how we work, communicate and partner, can change the entire world.

We are committed to creating the next generation of innovative healthcare solutions which will address our most important healthcare needs, such as reducing the use of opioids while helping patients move from surgery to recovery.


KiteLock™ is transforming central venous access care by providing a powerful solution to maintain patency and by reducing the risk of bacterial colonization and biofilm formation within central venous access devices (CVADs).
Simply eliminating the risk of clots is no longer sufficient. Within seven days, CVADs can become colonized with microorganisms embedded in biofilm resulting in a potential source of life threatening infections.5


The Company’s first product is the SecurAcath Subcutaneous Catheter Securement System. This simple, yet revolutionary device, makes it possible to hold virtually any catheter securely in place without sutures or adhesives. SecurAcath is now gaining widespread acceptance in the US, Europe and Canada. With the success of SecurAcath serving as a solid foundation for future growth, the company continues to collaborate with highly regarded physicians in the development of unique solutions for large, growing patient populations.

Balt Medical

For 40 years, Balt has been a global leader in the innovation of novel products for the interventional access and treatment of neurovascular diseases. With one of the most comprehensive product portfolios available, Balt products are used around the world to access and treat multiple disease states including arterial venous malformations, aneurysms, and ischemic stroke.

QX Medical Logo


QXMédical was founded in 2007 in Montreal, Canada on the principle of providing uncompromised value and quality in underserved high-growth segments of the medical device market. Today, the company is known for its innovative solutions for complex, minimally invasive procedures. Working closely with healthcare professionals and strategic partners, we apply our expert insight and know-how to produce unique products that make a difference in the lives of others.

In 2010, QXMédical established its Technology and Manufacturing Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Our new state-of-the-art facility is located squarely in the medical device hub of North America and has allowed QXMédical to respond to increased demands from our customers and partners.


W.L. GORE is an American Multinational Company that make tissue reinforcement products for Hernia Repair and Gastric BI-Pass procedures. W.L. GORE is a technology-driven global company built on entrepreneurial innovation, integrity and teamwork. For more than 40 years, W.L. GORE have produced reliable, durable and effective surgical products that have and continue to make a difference in the lives of others.


Since 2003, Opsens has established itself as a pioneer of innovative fiber optic sensing technology  committed  to quality and excellence. We deliver cost-effective solutions to a variety of sectors, primarily medical, energy and industrial.
Our fundamental objective is to develop and manufacture products as well as tailor a wide range of services for individual industry requirements


Vasorum is a Dublin based high-growth medical device business specialising in sophisticated devices used to close arterial punctures in vascular, cardiology, radiology and neuro-radiology procedures.

Vasorum is developing medical devices for the interventional cardiology and radiology markets. Its first product is the Celt ACD®, used to close arterial puncture holes following catheter-based vascular procedures.

Cerus Endovascular

Cerus Endovascular is a privately owned medical device company based in Fremont, California and Oxford, United Kingdom. We design, develop, manufacture and supply Neurovascular products used by Interventional Neuroradiologists for the treatment of haemorrhagic strokes.

We manufacture our portfolio of embolization devices at our 12,000sq feet California facility, where we also operate a 1,500sq feet class 10,000 clean room which provides us with the operational capacity to meet the demands of our clinical partners across our entire range of products.

Eurocor Logo

Eurocor Tech

Eurocor Tech is a rapidly growing European Life Sciences Technology corporation specializing in the research, development and manufacture of interventional cardiovascular and endovascular treatment devices made in Europe for the world.

Our mission is to enable healthcare providers and physicians to improve and extend life through minimally invasive device innovations of outstanding quality. Eurocor Tech has successfully provided healthcare solutions for more than 20 years and is currently present in more than 60 countries worldwide. We provide physicians with innovative drug-coated balloon and stent devices as well as uncoated pre-dilatation balloons. Eurocor Tech products are indicated for minimally invasive cardiovascular and peripheral surgery and comply with biological and biomechanical principles to offer highly flexible, adaptable solutions.